2020 Election

Trump needed a roast beef hoagie full of raw meat, and Giuliani gave him half a can of leftover Vienna sausages

Via Deke Dickerson:

Under the Electoral College system, which we’re stuck with for now, Biden won by the slimmest of margins, much the same way that Trump did in 2016. More than 75 million people voted for Biden, but he carried the majority in the swing states by 10,000 here, 20,000 there….in states with 5 to 10 million people. That’s no landslide. That’s scratching out a tiny margin of victory.

I’m glad that Biden won, but I’m here to tell you—Trump could have won, easily. By all accounts, he should have won. It literally could and should have been a cakewalk for him. He could have strutted right into re-election and we would be watching him gloat on television right now. …

IF Trump hadn’t made his idiotic statement that he was going to permanently end payroll taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare, he would have won, easily. You want to lose an election? Tell old people that they’re going to lose their social security and Medicare that they paid into all their lives. …

By all reports, the idiotic “repeal the payroll tax” idea was planted in Trump’s head by one of his rich corporate golfing buddies. It was an absolutely terrible idea, one that NONE of his Republican allies shared. Think about 20,000 votes in Wisconsin out of 3 million. He would have won those votes, EASILY, if he hadn’t said stupid things that scared old people into thinking they’d lose their Social Security and Medicare.

IF Trump hadn’t announced on Twitter on October 6 that “stimulus talks are over until after the election,” he would have won the election. Millions of people are still out of work, hundreds of thousands of businesses are struggling to survive, and he put the kibosh on a stimulus deal because he couldn’t get the Democrats to cave in to all his demands, most of which were dumb ideas that Freedom Caucus far-right Mark Meadows put in his ear.

If he had just opened the door a little bit, forced McConnell to give in to Pelosi just enough to throw some money to the people who so desperately needed it, those 11,000 votes in Georgia or those other razor-thin margins in other states, would have gone to Trump, not Biden.

IF Trump had just controlled himself for the debates, he would have won the election. Most narcissists like Trump can usually read the situation and control their worst instincts when they know they need to “behave” in important situations. Instead, he acted like a coked-up nutcase at the first debate, ignoring all decorum and manners, talking over Biden, talking over the host, breaking all agreed-upon rules of the debate repeatedly.

He blew his chance at the second debate by refusing to debate virtually, even though he was positive with Covid-19. Instead, Trump did his own last-minute town hall opposite Biden’s town hall. Trump’s childish attempt to sabotage Biden’s event got much lower ratings than Biden’s, and that hurt him. In the third debate, he needed to hit a few triples and home runs to gain any ground, but he just repeated his campaign slogans, lied repeatedly, refused to acknowledge truths, and at the end of the debate, failed to make any real headway. All he had to do was just behave himself for three debates, not act like a nut for three short television tapings, and he could have EASILY turned around those margins in the swing states to his favor.

Around the same time, Trump walked out of a 60 Minutes interview because he “didn’t like Lesley Stahl’s tone.” The image of the leader of the free world unable to answer a few hard questions from a trusted female reporter didn’t help him win any female votes, either. All he had to do was act normal and presidential for these few television appearances, and he would have easily won these small margins in the swing states.

IF Trump had handled the Pandemic with even a HINT of cohesiveness, he would have easily won the election. Joe Biden has a more cohesive plan for dealing with the virus only two days after being elected than Trump has had in the nine months since the Covid-19 virus became a serious issue. Continually denying the seriousness of the virus, continually saying “it’ll just disappear” as tens of thousands of Americans died didn’t do him any favors at all, especially with the older voters.

If Trump had just listened to his advisors, who told him repeatedly that the Covid Pandemic could hurt his re-election chances, everything would be different now. Trump would have been easily re-elected. Those small margins in the swing states would have been erased, and Trump would have won by a large margin. But he wouldn’t take it seriously, and he wouldn’t listen to his advisors. He shot himself in the foot, and it could have been easy for him. He just couldn’t believe there was something he couldn’t lie out of.

The biggest mistake of all, in my opinion, was Trump betting all his chips on trying to discredit mail-in voting during a Pandemic. Study after study showed mail-in voting was safe and secure; the military did it, Trump did it himself. Yet somehow he clung to this false, easily disproved narrative that it was how Democrats cheated and that these votes were illegitimate. Perhaps it was because of the 3 million votes he lost in the popular vote in 2016, due mostly to mail-in votes from California, but he was convinced of his own dumb narrative, and managed to convince most of his base.

He even installed a big donor, Louis DeJoy, as the Postmaster General and tried to slow down the mail so that mail-in votes wouldn’t arrive in time. In the end, it almost worked. 27% of the mail-in votes from South Florida never showed up before the deadline; DeJoy violated a federal judge’s order that he find 300,000 missing ballots that had been mailed but not delivered. But at the end of the day, Trump screwed himself, because his gamble risked the health of older voters. Older voters didn’t want to risk Covid infection by showing up in person, and older voters didn’t want to stand in line for hours on Election Day. There is no doubt in my mind that if Trump hadn’t hung on to this ridiculous Voter Fraud claim for mail-in voting, he would have easily overcome those small margins in the swing states and won the election.

I could go on with other examples of Trump’s own self-sabotage, such as his promises to have a health care plan unveiled before the election and never producing one, or his referring to Kamala Harris as a “monster,” or his inability to put forward any kind of plan for what policies he was going to enact over the next four years beyond “make America great.”

Trump needed a roast beef hoagie full of raw meat, and Giuliani gave him half a can of leftover Vienna sausages.

His October surprise of the Hunter Biden laptops failed to make any traction nationally, but quite honestly, the 18-year old kid from the local computer store could have put together a better narrative than Rudy Giuliani’s tale of a blind guy in Delaware who found these damning things on a laptop left behind by Hunter Biden who decided it was a matter of national importance that he turn the laptop over to….Rudy Giuliani? Trump needed a roast beef hoagie full of raw meat, and Giuliani gave him half a can of leftover Vienna sausages.

Any one of these events and situations could have easily made up the difference of 10,000 votes here or there. Trump could have had capable people in his court. Instead, Trump had Rudy Giuliani ranting into a budget microphone at the Four Seasons Landscaping in Philadelphia, in between a crematorium and a dildo shop.

The main takeaway from all these words I’ve written above: Trump personally, and all by himself, shot himself in the foot and killed his momentum for what could and should have been an easy re-election. Anybody thinking that left-wing ideas ruled the election is sadly mistaken. Anybody who thinks that Democracy saved the day is only fooling themself. As long as the Electoral College rules over the will of the people’s popular vote, Democrats can never win what should be a mandate of votes nationwide. The main takeaway from all this is that Trump was just really, really bad at his job. A buffoon. A clown. We got really, really lucky that he was so bad at his job.

The next right-wing populist that runs for President won’t be so erratic, or make so many stupid mistakes. There are a couple of articles floating around that you should check out if this subject interests (or terrifies) you. The Atlantic published a very sobering article titled “America’s Next Authoritarian Will Be Much More Competent” that is well worth reading. Forbes wrote a good article in October called “How Donald Trump Is Making A Common Mistake That Might Lead To Defeat” that basically spells out much of what I’ve said here. I’ve seen a few other articles on the subject that basically say the same thing—but for Trump’s easy, stupid mistakes, we’d have four more years of his nonsense.

If you think that a political figure like Trump can’t happen again in this country, you’re absolutely wrong. We got lucky this time, and we need to be really aware of what comes next.