The Easy Way to A Faster, More Secure WordPress Site? Update PHP

‘Hey, we’ve noticed that you’re running an outdated version of PHP’ I’ve been getting this notice when I log into WordPress for a while now: Your site could be faster and more secure with a newer PHP version.¬†PHP is the programming language that WordPress, Ninja Forms, and themes are built on. The version that is … Read more

3 Underused Small Business Marketing Workhorses

3 Underused Small Business Marketing Workhorses

Successful small business owners have vision. But it isn’t tunnel vision. Chances are you do one thing really, really well, and it’s the core service or product around which you built your business. But unless you’re big enough to delegate things like HR, bookkeeping and marketing, you have to own these secondary functions as well. … Read more

Should You Use Phone Numbers In Meta Descriptions?

I recently updated meta descriptions for a new client’s site and he asked a very good question upon seeing the finished work: Usually in a description I like a CTA with the phone number. What are your thoughts on that? You Want People To Call Your Business, Right? I agree, the meta description needs a … Read more