No, The Covid Death Rate Is Not ‘0.04 Percent’

Math is not that hard.

No, the COVID death rate is NOT “0.04 percent.” Stop it. Just stop. Stop. Put down your pencils. Your middle school math teachers are embarrassed.

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To get an accurate death rate for the disease, you divide the deaths by the total cases that HAVE AN OUTCOME. Let’s walk this through.

Recently, there have been 5,671,984 COVID cases in the US. In the same time period, 175,617 people have died because of COVID. 3,028,393 people have recovered.
You do NOT divide the deaths into the total population to determine the death rate. To get an accurate number, it’s really simple.
Add the total RECOVERED to the total DEATHS to get 3,204,010.

Now, divide 175,617 by THAT number: 5.48%.

If you get COVID, you have a 5.48% chance of dying.
By comparison, Influenza has infected around 39,000,000 people this last season, with around 50,000 deaths. That’s a 0.128% death rate–42 times less.

You are about five times more likely to die from COVID if you get it than you would if you got the flu. It’s not the flu. It’s nothing like the flu.

Stop pretending you understand statistics if you’re going to spread that erroneous “0.046% death rate.” It’s wrong. Dead wrong.

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[HT to Michael Mark for the post]