Justin Howell & The Austin Police

Texas State student Justin Howell was critically injured by a “less lethal.” munition from Austin Police at a protest on May 31. His brother, Joshua Howell, is a computer science graduate student and opinion editor for The Battalion (the student newspaper of Texas A&M University).

Joshua wrote about his brother’s assault and the aftermath here.

His condition — as well as the laughter of the officers who fired bean bag rounds into the crowd — underscores what happens when we underestimate the real damage these so-called “less-lethal” munitions can do. Don’t let their anodyne names fool you. When we describe these rounds as “less-lethal” what we are really saying is that they are less lethal than a standard bullet. That’s a low bar.

In another column for The Battalion, Joshua wrote that Justin has a fractured skull and brain damage:

If you really want to know what happened, there is no substitute for the raw, unedited video. In it, you will see five people carrying Justin’s limp body toward police headquarters, begging the officers to get him medical attention. As they do, the police fire some 15 rounds (many of which were at the protesters carrying my brother) over the course of about 30 seconds.

In a Texas Tribune interview he asserted that his brother wasn’t among the protestors allegedly antagonizing police at the scene.