Going through some old emails and I found this gem from a former (thankfully) legal client.

My task was to create eBooks and articles that projected our firm’s expertise to potential clients.

The problem? Every time I asked our legal team to review a new article or eBook they ignored my emails. My point of contact said it best:

“We’re too busy to review content”

If your business is going to have a website at all, you have to stand behind every word published on that website. That means publishing articles that demonstrate your expertise.

Hiring overseas writers on Fiverr and Upwork, paying them $20 per article to vomit 700 words that nobody will ever read and slapping it on your website is going to make potential customers think twice before hiring you/buying from you.

Writing informative, valuable content that reflects your authority and your voice, on the other hand, wins you new customers again and again.

It’s an obvious thing, really. Do your job or don’t. It’s better to not publish content on your website at all than to say you’re “too busy” to ensure its accuracy.