How To Configure your Adblocker to Block all “You’re Using An Adblocker!” Messages

For uBlock Origin:

Options>”Filter lists”>”Ads”> tick the box that says “Adblock Warning Removal List”

If a warning icon appears beside it, click “Update now” on the top

For AdBlock Plus:

Options > Advanced > Filter Lists > Adblock Warning Removal List > Active


For AdGuard:

Ad Blocker > Scroll down to add filter > AdBlock Warning Removal List is down under annoyances

For uBlock:

Enable “Adblock Warning Removal List‎” under “3rd party lists”

What About Blocking Those Annoying “Give Us Your Email Address To Subscribe” Popups?

If you’re using Ublock Origin, look under “Annoyances” … The “Fanboy’s Annoyance List” does that. Also, the “Fanboy’s Cookie List” should remove these pop-ups for cookies. Note: Ublock collects user data. Consider migrating to uBlock Origin.