Law Firms

High-Impact SEO and Content Marketing For Law Firms

My name is Marshall. I have deep experience building reliable pipelines of new clients for legal service providers.

If your law firm needs a new direction with content strategy and digital marketing, I can help. I know what makes legal websites successful (hint: it’s not not hiring someone to write a few blog articles and then hope for the best).

It takes an engaging content marketing plan. It takes a website that’s optimized for search engine rankings. It takes a strategy to promote targeted information to receptive audiences (who need your legal expertise).

My prior and current legal clients include:

  • A global estate planning and asset protection firm focused on real estate investors
  • Personal injury and mass tort law firms
  • A marketing and advertising agency that works exclusively with leading law firms
  • A leading Chicago employment law attorney



How Can I Help Your Law Firm Grow?

One Client
Per Market

I help leading attorneys beat their competitors online. That’s why I don’t work with multiple firms in the same area. Although my clients are all over, you’ll be the only one in your market.

A 100 Percent
Success Rate

My content marketing and conversion funnel optimization strategies have grown website traffic and new client consultations for law firms all over the U.S.

A Focus On Legal Websites

When the cost of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and Facebook ads becomes too prohibitive, more law firms are finding that content marketing and SEO are their best bets for attracting new clients.

My clients specialize in a wide range of legal areas, including Estate Planning, Family Law, Asset Protection, and Immigration Law.


A Transparent, 'White Hat' Approach

You should be picky about who you work with. I am.

I work only with ethical, reputable law firms.

Earning your trust is one of our most important goals. Your team will receive regular progress reports so you know exactly what you’re paying for and what my team is doing on your behalf. We don’t sugarcoat the bad news or exaggerate the impact of positive gains. 

Your website is an asset that should deliver a steady return on your investment.

If it isn’t generating measurable ROI, your firm’s website is a waste of time and money.

I’m a marketing professional with a solid track record optimizing legal websites to attract new clients. I’m a veteran in the digital marketing world.

I built my first websites in the 1990s and started promoting them via search engine optimization shortly afterwards.

More recently, I led the marketing department at a leading WordPress agency and directed content strategy for a global asset protection law firm.

I’ve managed several SEO and content marketing teams, methodically creating lead-generation campaigns for clients in a wide range of industries. See my SEO and Content Marketing Growth For Startups page as well!

Working alone or with my network of trusted legal content creators, advertising experts, email marketing specialists and more, I will help you maximize your digital marketing opportunities.


Customer service is extremely important to me. When you work with me, your firm is working directly with the marketer doing the work, not a salesperson or account manager handing the day-to-day work off to someone else. I’m here to answer your questions personally.