UX/UI FUBAR I’m CONSTANTLY encountering site designs “in the wild” that clearly don’t take the user into account. Rather than shaking my fist at the sky and screaming into the void, I’m going to start documenting them here. Let’s get started! August 17, 2023 AllMusic Doesn’t Really Want You To Subscribe, Apparently A lot of … Read more

Make The Prospect The Hero

How Effective Content Marketing Depends On Timeless Storytelling Principles August 17, 2023 Has unsuccessful digital marketing hurt your business? Whether attempting to manage social media or SEO in-house or engaging with a nearby “SEO agency,” the desired outcomes often remain elusive. So what’s the secret to a  triumphant digital marketing strategy? Simply, it’s telling a … Read more

SEO & Content Marketing Talk

SEO & Content Marketing Talk   Random observations about search optimization and content marketing from experts I follow online. I’ll always credit the author and link to the source where possible.   Why Semrush, Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner Report Different Search Volumes Aug. 17, 2023 My LinkedIn feed continues to be a gold mine, … Read more