Yes, You Can Order Individual SEO/Content/PR Services!


Does your business more leads/sales NOW?

Don’t want to hire a monthly content/SEO consultant or agency?

I have budget-friendly pricing for ONE-TIME PR services, SEO services, and Content Marketing services. Most services have a 3-day turnaround.

Fast SEO Help

SEO tuneup of existing content

My process is straightforward, easy to understand and virtually guaranteed to earn you higher rankings for your target keywords.

But it takes the one thing you don’t have: time.

I’ve developed an SEO checklist that, when followed, will get your SEO game at least 85% of the way to the finish line.

They are:

  • Choose the right focus keyword (and secondary keywords!) for your goals and your user’s intent (this should be done before a page is published, but we’ll assign the best target keyword for what you already have)
  • Make sure that keyword is in the URL/Slug
  • Make sure that keyword is in the in the Page Title
  • Make sure that keyword is in the H1 
  • Make sure that keyword appears early in the <body> copy of the article
  • Make sure the secondary keywords and variations of the primary keyword are in the H2 headers and in the <body> copy of the article.

This job is for established legal websites (at least three years old) that have a good amount of published resources (a blog, for example) going back at least three years. For this job, I’ll run through the checklist and make sure each asset meets every item on the list, especially the high-value issues that get you 85% to the finish line.


  • $100: Top Ten Pages 
  • $250: Top 30 Pages 
  • $500: Top 75 Pages
  • $1,000: Top 200 Pages
  • *Market Price: custom number of pages

Screaming Frog Analysis

Do you need an SEO snapshot of your business website’s current status? I will deliver a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets report (you pick) with sortable headings detailing on-site SEO factors such as:

  • Broken Links
  • Redirects
  • Page Titles & Meta descriptions
  • Duplicate Content
  • Extracted Data with XPath
  • Robots & Directives
  • XML Sitemaps

What I’ll do: I’ll highlight high-priority issues that you and your team need to address so you can easily prioritize, divide and conquer.


  • $300: Up to 100 Pages
  • $600: Up to 500 Pages
  • $900: Up to 1,000 Pages
  • *Market Price: custom number of pages

Keyword Report

Already have an established business? Let’s target massive head terms and shoot for nationwide “top three” rankings!

Running a small, upstart firm just making a name for itself? Let’s target long-tail, highly relevant questions and phrases that will build your authority in your practice area, bolster your firm’s reputation and profile, and get people talking about what you can do for them (get ready for referrals!)

What I’ll do: I use a variety of keyword research tools (including Semrush and Google’s own Keyword Planner) to find the right keywords for you to target with your website content.


  • $300: 100 keywords
  • $500: 750 keywords
  • *this can be coupled with the Content Calendar Creation

Fast Digital PR Help

Article Submission to News & Blog Websites

Article submission creates backlinks and generates traffic to your legal website. However, it is important to choose reputable article websites and submit high-quality, original content to ensure positive SEO results.

What I’ll do: I’ll get your article (a unique article) posted on a high-traffic, authority 3rd-party website. 


  • $100 per published submission (you get a link to the published article)
  • *price varies on the publisher’s domain authority, audience size, and other factors

Digital PR “Hit List”

You get a curated list of at least 25 PR contacts suitable for your guest blogs, press releases, sponsorships, and other content amplification opportunities. These are journalists, influencers and others who want to promote your businesses and tell your story.

What I’ll do: I’ll compile a list of contacts/potential partners that are appropriate for your business.


  • $250 (25 contacts)
  • $500 (60 contacts)
  • *monthly packages available

Fast Content Marketing Help

Content Calendar

Your website is not going ANYWHERE without a plan.

What I’ll doI’ll build and maintain a six-month content calendar, ensure a regular publishing cadence, and deliver a strategic plan to promote all new content and earn the backlinks necessary for content visibility


  • $300: Six Months Of Content (Four Articles/Month)
  • $600: Six Months Of Content (Seven Articles/Month)
  • $700: One Year Of Content (Four Articles/Month)
  • $1,000: One Year Of Content (Seven Articles/Month)

Article Writing

This job is “BYOT” = “bring your own topic.” In other words, give us a focus keyword and any highlights you want to hit and we’ll use ChatGTP to generate an article of 500 words, 1,000 words, or 2,000 words (with subheaders and optimal formatting).

What I’ll doI’ll find some of the top-performing topics in your area of practice and feed them into ChatGTP along with some language about your business. Next, I (a human, last time I checked) will read through the copy and make sure it:

  • Is suitable for your brand’s voice
  • Meets Google’s guidelines on plagiarism and duplicate copy
  • Sounds “natural”
  • Has the appropriate headers/subheaders


  • $1,000 (10 articles)
  • $2,000 (25 articles)

Content Pruning

Consolidation of related SEO assets is one of my “secret weapons” for making websites perform better.

You may have heard of “keyword cannibalization” or the importance of avoiding “duplicate content.” You may have “thin” content that doesn’t attract readers or encourage engagement. 

If your website ranks for “Example Keyword,” these 2-5 pages are often sharing the traffic that comes from the designated keyword. Yet none of the pages is performing particularly well. 

What I’ll do: I’ll combine all the content into a new draft, publish it and redirect all the old  pages to the new one.  Using Google Search Console, I’ll identify 2-5 blog articles (or other pages) that are about similar topics. 


  • $100: Ten Pages
  • $250: 30 Pages
  • *Market Price: custom
*This offer is only for established sites with at least 500 pages of content
*Longer and shorter pieces will change the schedule. E.g. if we decide to write a $3,000-word eBook to publish as a lead magnet, it may replace 5 “normal” blog articles. Or, if we decide to craft three LinkedIn posts, it may replace 1 “normal” blog article.



now accepting:

  • ACH Transfers
  • Venmo (“0920″=last 4 numbers of phone)
  • Wave
  • PayPal
  • Gusto

As always, hit me up if you have any ideas for future topics or if you have anything to add to this one. Just put “a la carte” in the field that says “Tell me about your business and your goals.”

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