UX/UI FUBAR I’m CONSTANTLY encountering site designs “in the wild” that clearly don’t take the user into account. Rather than shaking my fist at the sky and screaming into the void, I’m going to start documenting them here. Let’s get started! August 17, 2023 AllMusic Doesn’t Really Want You To Subscribe, Apparently A lot of … Read more

Make The Prospect The Hero

How Effective Content Marketing Depends On Timeless Storytelling Principles August 17, 2023 Has unsuccessful digital marketing hurt your business? Whether attempting to manage social media or SEO in-house or engaging with a nearby “SEO agency,” the desired outcomes often remain elusive. So what’s the secret to a  triumphant digital marketing strategy? Simply, it’s telling a … Read more

Link-Building Basics For Law Firms

Link-Building Basics For Law Firms July 31, 2023 This is a “sandbox” test to track  a ChatGTP-generated, human-edited article’s performance in Google Search.  We’re testing several formatting variants and keyword density factors. This article is for testing purposes only. Want to improve your legal website’s SEO and drive more clients? Understand that links are not … Read more

Chat GTP

Bread on Terceira! May 20, 2023 Hey guys, Just a heads up for those on Terceira.  Ana’s Bagels has AMAZING bagels in many sweet and savory flavors. The orange zest/cranberry are my favorite. Ana operates out of her home, so you have to contact her and pre-order. And there’s a new bakery near Praia da Vitória that … Read more

Why Do Nonprofit Agencies Often Include Blogs On Their Websites?

Why Do Nonprofit Agencies Often Include Blogs On Their Websites? March 10, 2023 By sharing stories about the impact of donations and encouraging supporters to get involved, nonprofits and nonprofit agencies can inspire people to give and help them reach their fundraising goals. Having a blog on your nonprofit’s website can also improve search engine … Read more