Why Do Nonprofit Agencies Often Include Blogs On Their Websites?

Why Do Nonprofit Agencies Often Include Blogs On Their Websites? March 10, 2023 By sharing stories about the impact of donations and encouraging supporters to get involved, nonprofits and nonprofit agencies can inspire people to give and help them reach their fundraising goals. Having a blog on your nonprofit’s website can also improve search engine … Read more

SEO & Content Marketing Talk

SEO & Content Marketing Talk   Random observations about search optimization and content marketing from experts I follow online. I’ll always credit the author and link to the source where possible.   Why Semrush, Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner Report Different Search Volumes Aug. 17, 2023 My LinkedIn feed continues to be a gold mine, … Read more

A Word About Yoast

yoast seo

When I have clients who insist on seeing “all green lights” in Yoast’s dashboard, I try to explain to them that Yoast is like training wheels for SEO. If you’re an absolute beginner, it may be helpful. But if you’re in a competitive industry, you’re competing in the Tour De France. Training wheels are not … Read more

Emulate A Google Search From Any City

When you’re working with a client not in your city (or even in your neighborhood), you need an accurate way to emulate a search from their location. You also need to be able to emulate from different devices, languages and countries. The Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool, is part of Google Ads, but Clay Cazier at … Read more

HTTP-to-HTTPS Migration: Clean Up Those Legacy Links!

Here’s an HTTP-to-HTTPs issue I encountered with a site that recently migrated to HTTPs. Should I do anything if both HTTP and HTTPs versions of pages of a site are “live”? Should I 301 redirect the HTTP versions to the HTTPS versions? or is it sufficient to ensure there are no links to the HTTP versions … Read more