Getting High-DA Backlinks: Don’t and Do’s

Don’t: Use Tricky Comment Links

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Do: Use LinkedIn To Build Your Network


I see my competitors getting backlinks and news articles all day.

I just want to get a consistent 1-2 40+ DA backlinks per month without paying $5k.

Does anyone know of any back linking or guest posting services that are legit? Or am I the asshole for not paying $5k for these services?

—/u/kevjusdjkfls, posting in /r/juststart


Great response from u/FlyingNarwhal below (emphasis mine):


You’re probably better off working with a good quality, niche PR service, or building your own PR list.

LinkedIn can be a great resource for this. Network with tons of people in your industry & who work with high DA sites.

Once you find 200+ people who own websites or are writers for websites in your niche & reporters/writers of high DA sites, have someone react & comment on their posts using your profile. 50-200 intelligent comments per day should take about 10 hours per week. This will make it more likely that they’ll get served your posts & start to build a pseudo-relationship with them.

Publish native, valuable content that’s highly engaging 4-6 times a day. LinkedIn will sort out what is most engaging to your audience. Double down on what’s most engaging. This will make sure you get in front of the people you’re engaging with.

Share content from your website at least once a day, try out different descriptions to figure out what’s most engaging and gets the most reach.  10-20% of the posts about your website will get in front of people who can give you a high DA backlink.

The more engaged your audience of link creators, the more beneficial it will be.

You can probably make this happen for $500-2000/month, depending on your niche and who you hire. 

Never stop building that network.