Link-Building Basics For Law Firms

July 31, 2023

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Want to improve your legal website’s SEO and drive more clients?

Understand that links are not just about improving rankings; they can have a direct impact on your business growth.

It’s something you have to invest time and thought into—gone are the days when you could simply pay SEO vendor to buy backlinks. Or, to put it more accurately, gone are the days when those backlinks actually did any good for the person paying.

Your Firm Needs A Streamlined Process

A diverse and relevant link profile can enhance your website’s SEO and drive more traffic and business growth.

But it takes a standardized process with the right team members to efficiently execute link-building strategies for your firm.

When prospecting, identify the types of links you need and conduct research to find suitable opportunities. Contact potential websites for collaboration, guest posting, or link placements, and offer them something they can’t refuse.

If you have the luxury of teammates in  this endeavor, all the better. Be sure to assign specific roles to different team members, such as lead SEO/project manager, link prospector, and outreach mentor.

  1. Lead SEO/Project Manager: Oversees the entire process, understands SEO basics, and identifies target keywords and link types.
  2. Link Prospector: Searches for link opportunities based on the provided keywords and niches.
  3. Outreach Manager: Manages the outreach process, communicates with prospects, and coordinates content creation if necessary.
  4. Content Writers: Responsible for creating high-quality content for guest posting and other link-building purposes.

Ensure your team members can communicate effectively in English and stay organized in their tasks. Provide comprehensive training to team members on how to use search engine operators, find contact information, and manage outreach effectively. By dividing responsibilities among team members and following a well-structured process, you can effectively build high-quality backlinks and enhance your online presence.

Proper organization allows for better communication among team members and helps you stay on track with the campaign. Use tools like Google Sheets to keep track of prospects, opportunities, and the progress of your outreach efforts. 

Quality Content Drives Successful PR Outreach

If guest posting is a significant part of your strategy, be prepared to create high-quality content to offer to other websites.

Remember, you’re creating value for your audience, not churning out garbage nobody wants to read. Be helpful and genuine. When you’re reaching out to potential link-building partners, create personalized pitches.

Basic Link-Building For Law Firms

There are various link-building strategies you can use. Among them:

  1. Buddy up: Writing and publishing guest posts on other relevant websites is an effective way to gain backlinks. Notice we said “releeant.” … Your law firm probably isn’t in competition with all the other firms in your city. If you are a personal injury attorney, you aren’t competing against the immigration attorney down the street. But you and they can cross-promote one another with mutual link exchanges and shared content, benefiting both websites with relevant ranking signals.
  2. Sponsored Posts: Create informative and relevant sponsored posts on other websites. You get the added branding benefit and exposure to a targeted audience who might not otherwise be aware of your business.
  3. Pillowing Links: Pillow links are  used to diversify a backlink profile. This may include things like citations, social profiles, web 2.0s, directories, and so on. These links differ from guest posts and niche edits, which are contextual links on blog-style websites. Pillow links are natural, “white-hat” backlinks.
  4. Link Reclamation: Contact websites that have mentioned your brand or website without linking back, and politely ask for attribution links. Once you’ve broken the ice, talk about other opportunities to partner
  5. Resource Pages: Have valuable content on your site to attract backlinks from other websites.
  6. Press Links: Get featured in press articles, which can significantly boost your website’s credibility.
  7. Link Roundups: Identify link roundups on other websites and pitch your new posts to be included.

Advanced Link-Building For Law Firms

A comprehensive approach to link building through outreach involves several steps. Your new team will have to identify potential link opportunities, build audience profiles, and conduct keyword research for outreach. A typical approach might include these steps:


  1. Perform a target site analysis: This involves identifying the right websites for outreach by building basic audience profiles and understanding which keywords to target.
  2. Use Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights: These tools help in identifying target audiences and finding related categories and keywords for outreach.
  3. Build a keyword list: Use topical ideas from the target site analysis and keyword research to create a list of keywords for link prospecting.
  4. Filter opportunities based on client needs: Narrow down the list of opportunities based on specific outreach requirements.
  5. Pull opportunities into a CSV file: Organize the opportunities in a CSV file for easier management.
  6. Upload opportunities to your tools: Use the CSV file to import the opportunities into an outreach tool like Pitchbox
  7. Set email templates: Create personalized and effective email templates for outreach based on the link type and target audience.
  8. Schedule the outreach: Stagger the outreach emails to send them at optimal times and avoid overwhelming recipients.
  9. Manage responses and content creation: Handle responses from potential link partners and assign content creation tasks to content writers when necessary.
  10. Utilize automation and follow-ups: Leverage automation to send follow-up emails and manage the outreach process efficiently.



As always, hit me up if you have any ideas for future topics or if you have anything to add to this one. Just put “link-building” in the field that says “Tell me about your business and your goals.”

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