Ways To Help The Homeless in Austin

6 Ways To Help The Homeless


Do you feel compelled to help out the homeless, but not sure where to start?

Front Steps Development Director Amy Price breaks down 6 ways you can lend a helping hand.

The Other Ones

Most homeless organizations focus on a ‘housing first’ model, but a new group is taking a different approach. Since 2018, The Other Ones Foundation has been hiring homeless people for day labor, cleaning up austin’s greenbelts and watersheds. But these work crews walk away with much more than a paycheck–they leave with a newfound sense of community.

What Happened To Jerome?


Over two years ago, we met Jerome. He was homeless, sleeping outside on a cold January night. But things were looking up–he was on a list for housing at Community First! Village. The last time we saw Jerome, he was moving into his new house. But where was he now?