Credit Cards on Terceira

December 24, 2022.



We use our Visa as much as possible, because it gets us points/miles/whatever, which we use for vacations.

Here on Terceira, credit cards don’t seem to have caught on. It’s always a big song and dance to figure out whether or not a place accepts Visa or if I must use the “Multibanco” card.

To make things confusing, a lot of shop employees don’t know they can accept Visa, so it takes getting the right person on the right day.

So help myself remember which stores/shops/bakeries/gas stations/etc. take Visa and which don’t, I started a spreadsheet here. Contact me at austineditor AT if you have any additions/suggestions. I’ll probably make a version editable for “crowdsourcing” once it gets a little more robust. 


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