Credit Cards on Terceira

Bureaucracy & Portugal January 13, 2023. To those considering a move to Portugal: You’ve no doubt heard about the bureaucracy here. It’s usually mentioned in connection to the immigration process. But here’s one area not discussed, and if you’re moving here with young kids you should be aware of it. We moved here in the … Read more

Pico da Dona Joana Hike

Ribeirinha + Hike Up Pico da Dona Joana 12 Jan, 2022   Today Alicia and I did a fun walk through Ribeirinha, Feteira, and a lot of cow pastures on our way to Pico da Dona Joana. Wikipedia explains it in dry statistical language as: … um cone vulcânico de escórias basálticas, constituído por piroclastos negros relativamente … Read more