Promoting Your Business Infographic

Got a new infographic that you want to use to promote your business? How do you have your new asset amplified so that it makes the biggest impact?

Here are a few ideas.

  • Send to your newsletter subscribers. If you have a segmented email list, all the better. Get it into the inboxes of those who are interested in the topic.
  • Submit to infographic directories. These may include:
  • Use for LinkedIn carousel ads and Facebook ads.
  • Post via all your social media channels.
  • Did your infographic use footnotes and 3rd-party citations? If so, send your infographic to the sources listed in the infographic itself and ask for promotion via their platforms
  • Optimize the page where the infographic is published on oyur site for SEO and user experience.  
  • Create an embed code and social sharing links and make sure they are on the page where the infographic is published
  • Pitch to relevant blogs. This cold outreach is tough, but you can get lucky
  • Post to appropriate forums and Web 2.0 sites (e.g. Reddit,
  • Finally, you could try bookmarking sites, syndication sites and content curation websites. But these low-value approaches should probably be your last way to go about promoting your infographic.