What Fresh Hell Is This?? (The Official Reddit App, Apparently)

So I use Old Reddit.

I use it in combination with Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Any other way just doesn’t work.

On my phone, I use Reddit is fun. I do these things because I’m a normal human being. The official rated app is notoriously terrible, but I decided to check it out.

this is the stupidest, dumbest, poopooiest interface I’ve ever seen.

A least now I can see with these “avatars ” everyone has been talking about are. yeah, they are stupid. A ploy for Reddit to make money, like the stupid awards you can get through the app.

Yes, I’m an old man yelling at clouds. Yes, I’ve used Reddit for about 15 years. Yes, I’ve noticed how the conversations there have devolved from intelligent and collaborative to pokey, jokey and juvenile.