Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Lead Generation

Prospect Less … Close More

Your business website shouldn’t be a headache. It should drive revenue. It shouldn’t suck your time and attention. It should be a sales engine.

I’m Marshall. I build search engine optimization, content marketing and lead generation plans that deliver:

          • More site traffic
          • More sign-ups
          • More sales

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Imagine no more headaches. Just more qualified leads so your sales team can focus on what they do best: closing deals.

How Can I Help Your Business Grow?

'First Page'
Content Marketing

Blogging is SO 2010. But you can propel your business to the top of the search results by putting YOUR expertise front-and-center! Articles, lead magnets and website content can show off your expertise. 


Let’s engage prospective customers at the right time in their decision process. I’m on the side of the customer, not selling them anything they don’t need, but giving a solution to their immediate needs. If helping people is your business, I can help you!

SEO AUDIT & Course Correction

Let’s build on the foundation you have. I’ll review content, technical and off-page areas for improvement and steer your messaging in the right direction. We’ll make small (and sometimes large) changes that impact your business in a big way. 

Case Studies

case study


Client Testimonials

The true definition of a full-stack marketer. Will work with him again.”

There’s not a rating high enough to explain how pleased I am with his work. If you’re considering Marshall for your next project, don’t waste your time considering whether you should hire him. He’s worth it.”

“Transparent, legitimate, professional. Great work!”

“Marshall has been instrumental in onboarding a new SEO client and kicking the project off successfully. His knowledge of SEO helped our client to clearly understand the process and the areas that needed to be improved. Marshall not only understands the technical side of SEO but is also able to cover the content and link-building side. We look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

“Marshall was a great talent to work with and quickly demonstrated his knowledge and understanding of marketing in our first call. He patiently listened and asked thoughtful questions to get to the heart of the project.”