‘First Page’ Content Marketing Strategy

Blogging isn’t enough. You need a strategic content marketing system to propel your business to the top of the search results. Beyond core site pages (your main service pages, your “about us” page, your “contact us” page), additional content gives your site the opportunity to provide the answers online searchers seek, delivering informational expertise that … Read more

Think You Know What Your Organic Traffic Situation Is? I’ve Got Bad News …

Head over to your Google Analytics account and click on “Acquisition” in the left-hand navigation. Chances are you’ll see something like this: For this particular business, 37 percent of all traffic during the last month was organic traffic, or traffic coming from search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. Now let’s look at the same … Read more

Ways To Help The Homeless in Austin

6 Ways To Help The Homeless   Do you feel compelled to help out the homeless, but not sure where to start? Front Steps Development Director Amy Price breaks down 6 ways you can lend a helping hand. The Other Ones Most homeless organizations focus on a ‘housing first’ model, but a new group is … Read more

Parent Company vs. Business Divisions/Subsidiaries: Separate Domains?

I’ve been working on a real estate rental property website and the client asked about the advantages and disadvantages of two approaches. There’s a nationwide “parent” company, but it owns rental properties in cookie-cutter “communities” all over the country. Option 1: All content would be under the same domain name. ParentCompany.com ParentCompany.com/Property1 ParentCompany.com/Property2 Option 2: … Read more

Seasonality: Monthly Factors that Impact Site Traffic

It’s not just the holiday season that causes dips in traffic (or lifts, if you’re an ecommerce business with popular Christmas items); business sites experience fluctuations throughout the year. Here are other factors to remember when looking at traffic trends: January: The first quarter is slow to start, depending on when New Year’s Day falls … Read more

How To Configure your Adblocker to Block all “You’re Using An Adblocker!” Messages

For uBlock Origin: Options>”Filter lists”>”Ads”> tick the box that says “Adblock Warning Removal List” If a warning icon appears beside it, click “Update now” on the top Done! For AdBlock Plus: Options > Advanced > Filter Lists > Adblock Warning Removal List > Active   For AdGuard: Ad Blocker > Scroll down to add filter > … Read more