What Are The Steps To Optimizing a Page for SEO?

It’s a fairly standard process that applies to any piece of content (blog, case study, webinar transcript) that has been published without regard to optimizing for SEO. First: Assess what needs to be done. Then, based on that assessment, typical optimizations include (in no particular order): 1. Optimizing Page Titles for click-through-rate (CTR) 2. Adding … Read more

All In A Name

Open a liquor store in a small town and nobody bats an eye. Open a liquor store that sells only one kind of liquor and call it a Tasting Room, and you got a hit on your hands.

Parent Company vs. Business Divisions/Subsidiaries: Separate Domains?

I’ve been working on a real estate rental property website and the client asked about the advantages and disadvantages of two approaches. There’s a nationwide “parent” company, but it owns rental properties in cookie-cutter “communities” all over the country. Option 1: All content would be under the same domain name. ParentCompany.com ParentCompany.com/Property1 ParentCompany.com/Property2 Option 2: … Read more

Seasonality: Monthly Factors that Impact Site Traffic

It’s not just the holiday season that causes dips in traffic (or lifts, if you’re an ecommerce business with popular Christmas items); business sites experience fluctuations throughout the year. Here are other factors to remember when looking at traffic trends: January: The first quarter is slow to start, depending on when New Year’s Day falls … Read more

Should My Business Name Includes A Keyword Phrase?

company name in domain

Should a law office called “Betty Blackwell” change its name to “Law Office of Betty Blackwell“? Should “Franklin” change its name to “Franklin Austin Barbecue“? Should Nike change their name to “Nike Athletic Shoes“? Does “Mom’s Place” outperform “Mom’s Place: An Austin Eatery” in search results? These questions are worth careful consideration when you’re starting … Read more