“Month One’ Linkbuilding: Beyond Guest Posts & Citations

linkbuilding: casting a net

‘Month One’ Linkbuilding: Beyond Guest Posts & Citations There’s no one-size-fits-all SEO process. Even two businesses in the same industry, with the same number of employees, competing in the same market, will have different approach. That said, here’s one backlink-building your business might follow. I’ve used this method to rank my websites, and my clients’ … Read more

A Word About Yoast

yoast seo

When I have clients who insist on seeing “all green lights” in Yoast’s dashboard, I try to explain to them that Yoast is like training wheels for SEO. If you’re an absolute beginner, it may be helpful. But if you’re in a competitive industry, you’re competing in the Tour De France. Training wheels are not … Read more

‘First Page’ Content Marketing Strategy

Blogging isn’t enough. You need a strategic content marketing system to propel your business to the top of the search results. Beyond core site pages (your main service pages, your “about us” page, your “contact us” page), additional content gives your site the opportunity to provide the answers online searchers seek, delivering informational expertise that … Read more

Promoting Your Business Infographic

Got a new infographic that you want to use to promote your business? How do you have your new asset amplified so that it makes the biggest impact? Here are a few ideas. Send to your newsletter subscribers. If you have a segmented email list, all the better. Get it into the inboxes of those … Read more

What Are The Steps To Optimizing a Page for SEO?

It’s a fairly standard process that applies to any piece of content (blog, case study, webinar transcript) that has been published without regard to optimizing for SEO. First: Assess what needs to be done. Then, based on that assessment, typical optimizations include (in no particular order): 1. Optimizing Page Titles for click-through-rate (CTR) 2. Adding … Read more

All In A Name

Open a liquor store in a small town and nobody bats an eye. Open a liquor store that sells only one kind of liquor and call it a Tasting Room, and you got a hit on your hands.