SEO for Roofers and Remodelers?

I usually steer clear of mom-and-pop clients, and I also don’t like to take on clients who are tied to a geographic area, but somehow I’ve fallen into a few of these commercial/residential service provider accounts over the years. And these guys have become the exception to my “rules.” I love working with them, for … Read more

Using SEO Site Checkup To Find Clients

Using SEO Site Checkup To Find Clients

I’ve been using SEO Site Checkup to “check” my clients’ sites—not because I find their automated reports useful but because running a report generates a permanent link with decent domain authority. Check it out:   Or, if you’re on a page that isn’t the home page, scroll down to the bottom and look … Read more

HTTP-to-HTTPS Migration: Clean Up Those Legacy Links!

Here’s an HTTP-to-HTTPs issue I encountered with a site that recently migrated to HTTPs. Should I do anything if both HTTP and HTTPs versions of pages of a site are “live”? Should I 301 redirect the HTTP versions to the HTTPS versions? or is it sufficient to ensure there are no links to the HTTP versions … Read more

River Place Trail

In preparation for our upcoming trip to Peru, we tackled River Place Trail twice this week. Our friends Erin and Jay first told us about this trail, calling it “The Stairmaster.” Since we’ll be doing some serious mountain hiking in August, we figured River Place would be the perfect place to break in our new … Read more