“We Don’t Have Time To Do Our Job”

Going through some old emails and I found this gem from a former (thankfully) legal client. My task was to create eBooks and articles that projected our firm’s expertise to potential clients. The problem? Every time I asked our legal team to review a new article or eBook they ignored my emails. My point of … Read more

City Acre Brewing Company’s QUAT-QUAT-QUAD

8% abv. Our 4th anniversary beer! A Belgian Quadruple made with estate loquats and kumquats.

My wife got me a four-pack (well, someone nicked one, so I ended up with a three-pack) of this fantastic 8% abv. 4th anniversary beer from Houston’s City Acre. A Belgian Quadruple made with estate loquats and kumquats. She knows how much I love loquats. Kumquats are good, too. We have one kumquat tree in … Read more

The EXACT process Apollo Digital uses to scale SEO

This post covers how you: Get your website to load faster (with minimal technical know-how) Optimize your landing pages to rank for direct intent keywords (driving more qualified leads) Create content that ranks every time Getting a TON of links to our website with ZERO link-building efforts Improve rankings with Surfer SEO Step #1 – … Read more

Police Blotter

ACLU Apps For Filming Police Taking photographs and video of things that are plainly visible in public spaces is a constitutional right—and that includes police and other government officials carrying out their duties. However, there is a widespread, continuing pattern of law enforcement officers ordering people to stop taking photographs or video in public places … Read more

2020 Election

Trump needed a roast beef hoagie full of raw meat, and Giuliani gave him half a can of leftover Vienna sausages Via Deke Dickerson: Under the Electoral College system, which we’re stuck with for now, Biden won by the slimmest of margins, much the same way that Trump did in 2016. More than 75 million … Read more

Central Texas Runoff Election Tuesday, Dec. 15

Following the November 3rd General/Local elections, the League of Women Voters has confirmed the following runoff races: Austin City Council District 6 (Travis and Williamson County) Austin City Council District 10 Austin ISD Board of Trustees District 5 Austin ISD Board of Trustees District 8 At-Large Georgetown City Council District 2 (Williamson County) LWV will … Read more

Yes, Republicans Are Stupid

Trump supporters are stupid. Misperceiving Bullshit as Profound Is Associated with Favorable Views of Cruz, Rubio, Trump and Conservatism (2016) Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes: Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice Through Right-Wing Ideology and Low Intergroup Contact (2012) Conservatism and cognitive ability (2009) Is it impolite to discuss cognitive differences between liberals and conservatives? … Read more

“Month One’ Linkbuilding: Beyond Guest Posts & Citations

linkbuilding: casting a net

‘Month One’ Linkbuilding: Beyond Guest Posts & Citations There’s no one-size-fits-all SEO process. Even two businesses in the same industry, with the same number of employees, competing in the same market, will have different approach. That said, here’s one backlink-building your business might follow. I’ve used this method to rank my websites, and my clients’ … Read more

A Word About Yoast

yoast seo

When I have clients who insist on seeing “all green lights” in Yoast’s dashboard, I try to explain to them that Yoast is like training wheels for SEO. If you’re an absolute beginner, it may be helpful. But if you’re in a competitive industry, you’re competing in the Tour De France. Training wheels are not … Read more