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Bread on Terceira! May 20, 2023 Hey guys, Just a heads up for those on Terceira.  Ana’s Bagels has AMAZING bagels in many sweet and savory flavors. The orange zest/cranberry are my favorite. Ana operates out of her home, so you have to contact her and pre-order. And there’s a new bakery near Praia da Vitória that … Read more

Eye Doctors On Terceira

Eye Doctors On Terceira May 8, 2023 Howdy friends! I have a question specifically for those of you on Terceira who wear BIFOCALS and those of you who got your prescription from your optometrist (as in you ACTUALLY GOT A PAPER COPY of your prescription). So, backstory: My doctor at CSAH told me I needed … Read more

Why Do Nonprofit Agencies Often Include Blogs On Their Websites?

Why Do Nonprofit Agencies Often Include Blogs On Their Websites? March 10, 2023 By sharing stories about the impact of donations and encouraging supporters to get involved, nonprofits and nonprofit agencies can inspire people to give and help them reach their fundraising goals. Having a blog on your nonprofit’s website can also improve search engine … Read more

SEO & Content Marketing Talk

SEO & Content Marketing Talk   Random observations about search optimization and content marketing from experts I follow online. I’ll always credit the author and link to the source where possible.   Why Semrush, Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner Report Different Search Volumes Aug. 17, 2023 My LinkedIn feed continues to be a gold mine, … Read more

Step-By-Step SEO/Content Marketing Strategy For B2B SaaS Companies

Step-By-Step SEO/Content Marketing Strategy For B2B SaaS Companies February 15, 2023 How can tech companies leverage SEO and content marketing to grow their share of voice, build their brand, and reach more customers? I recently put together a proposal for Directive Consulting, and my proposal was all about how an established B2B SaaS company could … Read more

Credit Cards on Terceira

Bureaucracy & Portugal January 13, 2023. To those considering a move to Portugal: You’ve no doubt heard about the bureaucracy here. It’s usually mentioned in connection to the immigration process. But here’s one area not discussed, and if you’re moving here with young kids you should be aware of it. We moved here in the … Read more

Is AI Replacing SEO?

Is AI Replacing SEO in 2023? January 4, 2023 Let’s talk about artificial intelligence (AI) and whether or not our jobs as SEO professionals and content marketing professionals are in jeopardy. Are the bots taking over? I don’t think so, and here’s why. Our job is to project and amplify the expertise of our clients. … Read more